Admissions Criteria

At EvenStill we are committed to helping men and women from all walks of life.

We have experience in working with young adults who need guidance and direction in planning their future to working with healthcare professionals who want to return to their career, and everyone in between. No matter what brokenness you have experienced in your active addiction, the most important criteria for admission is a desire for recovery.

Admissions Criteria:

  • Age 19 or older
  • Completed a primary treatment program
  • Must be willing to complete an IOP or PHP program
  • Must be motivated for recovery and willing to participate in 12 step fellowship
  • Has the ability to function in a community setting
  • Must be medically and psychologically stable
  • Medical issues should not interfere with your ability to participate at EvenStill
  • Must be able to manage medications independently
  • No history of violent or sexual crimes
  • Able to work or volunteer a minimum of 25 hours per week
  • Willing to receive a monthly Vivitrol shot, if required


Program Costs:

  • $900 Admission Fee
  • $1450 / Month
We believe healing begins in community.